Hall of Sub-district Cepu

This picture is currently hall of sub-district cepu. On the back of the hall is Camat office of a sub-district Cepu. office of sub-district Cepu is located right in front of the Soos (Sasono Suko) on the Ronggolawe street 44 Cepu . the governmental activities in the sub-districts are doing. This place is a sub-district administrative center in Cepu. Sub-function hall for various purposes of government, as well as a meeting place with residents Cepu. It is also used as a sub-variety of activities.

aula kecamatan cepu, pendopo kecamatan cepu,

Traditional arts activities are also often done in this building like shadow puppets, musical, barong, while also not spared modern art ever undertaken in this building as a band contest, singing contest and more.
Religious activities can also use the hall of this district. From the start of dhikr together, moslem lecture and others.
Educational activities are also often done in this place either involving children kindergarten until college,
Economic activity is usually done during the month of Ramadhan by organizing low-cost market.
Various kinds of exhibitions are also often were held in this building a good exhibit of art and culture, education, tourism and others.
There are many other benefits and functions of the district office of this Cepu
For those of you who have to deal with the population administration will surely come to this place

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