Units of work in education and training center on Oil and Gas Cepu

Pusdiklat Migas Cepu, Migas Cepu Oil training Center Cepu
Education and training center on Oil and Gas (Pusdiklat Migas) Cepu divided into several units. Each unit has their respective duties. Here is a brief explanation of some of these units:
1. Power Plant Unit
Unit Power Plant provides electricity supply to all parts of the company. Power plants using diesel power. Has a generator and has a total of 9 units 7020 kVA capacity. Diesel fuel obtained from the production units of the refinery. Unit Power Plant which serves the needs of companies and Pertamina.

2. Water Treatment Unit
A water treatment unit is responsible for providing water to all the needs of the company. To meet the needs of the company to take water from the Bengawan Solo River for further processing so as to meet various needs, among others: Drinking Water, Water Coolers, Water for boiler feed and water for fire fighting

3. Refinery Unit
Refinery units assigned to conduct the processing of crude oil which is intended to produce a wide range of fuels and other outcomes in accordance with the needs and specifications required. Processing of crude oil (crude oil) Crude Distillation systems implemented by the Unit (CDU). Crude oil is a very complex mixture of hydrocarbon compounds and a little element of sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, metals and mineral salts before being processed at the refinery had to be separated in advance so as not to interfere with the process and reduce the quality of the product.
Pusdiklat Migas Cepu, Migas Cepu Oil training Center Cepu
Education an Training Center on Oil and Gas Cepu

4. Waxplant Unit
Crystalline wax or wax is a hydrocarbon compound is mostly composed of normal paraffins and iso-paraffin compounds slightly. The residue from the refinery processed PH solarnya on Wax Plant a batik wax which is widely used in the batik industry. Another consideration for solar PH process is the difficulty in accommodating and not readily marketable.

5. Boiler Plant Unit
Boiler is needed to support the process at the refinery. Steam boiler or steam is an aircraft that is used to transfer heat from the burning fuel into the water so that water turns into steam and used outside the aircraft.
Boiler Plant is a unit that is in charge of Company:
  • Provide steam process plant
  • Providing Pressurized Air
  • Provide cooling water
  • Providing soft water

6. Environment- Occupational Safety and Health Unit
This unit was formed in order to prevent and deal with anything that causes accidents either directly affect the production process, so that production resources can be used efficiently and the production can run smoothly without any major obstacles.
That is a brief review of the unit at The Education and Training on oil and gas Cepu

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