A Brief History of Oil in Cepu

Oil Field Nglobo (blorakab.go.id)
History of Oil in Indonesia Starting in the Age of the Dutch East Indies about the year 1830 - 1890 by a Dutchman named A Jana Zijlker. In 1884 he undertook drilling wells in the Telaga Tiga-1 oil field Telaga Said region of Deli, North Sumatra.
Then Zijlker pioneering oil company Royal Dutch procure the name of The Company is a corporate giant Shell embryo that is in the world today.
While in Central Java by a Dutchman named P Van Dijk began a study of seepage of oil wells in 1867 existing wells on Ledok-1 and drilling conducted in 1893 by Mr. Adrian Stoop a young engineer who also served in Grondpellwesen drill drinking water.
Gusher in Sambong (blorakab.go.id)
That is to say Mr Adrian Stoop was the first discoverer of oil in the Cepu by first drilling in the village Ledok. And concluded that in panolan Cepu lading contained a high-quality oil with a very large number.

From this then comes the oil concessions in other areas Cepu. Among the oil concession on Semanggi-Jepon, oil mining concessions Nglobo, Banyubang, Trembes, Ngiono and Ngapus.

And to this concrete manifestation of the Cepu oil can still be felt, even recent discovery of a satellite of the earth some time ago, Cepu Oil is still a lot that can not be produced.
Ledok Oil Wells

By the State at this time on a large scale exploration licenses already in the hands of Exxon Mobil Ltd which is currently starting production

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Units of work in education and training center on Oil and Gas Cepu

Pusdiklat Migas Cepu, Migas Cepu Oil training Center Cepu
Education and training center on Oil and Gas (Pusdiklat Migas) Cepu divided into several units. Each unit has their respective duties. Here is a brief explanation of some of these units:
1. Power Plant Unit
Unit Power Plant provides electricity supply to all parts of the company. Power plants using diesel power. Has a generator and has a total of 9 units 7020 kVA capacity. Diesel fuel obtained from the production units of the refinery. Unit Power Plant which serves the needs of companies and Pertamina.

2. Water Treatment Unit
A water treatment unit is responsible for providing water to all the needs of the company. To meet the needs of the company to take water from the Bengawan Solo River for further processing so as to meet various needs, among others: Drinking Water, Water Coolers, Water for boiler feed and water for fire fighting

3. Refinery Unit
Refinery units assigned to conduct the processing of crude oil which is intended to produce a wide range of fuels and other outcomes in accordance with the needs and specifications required. Processing of crude oil (crude oil) Crude Distillation systems implemented by the Unit (CDU). Crude oil is a very complex mixture of hydrocarbon compounds and a little element of sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, metals and mineral salts before being processed at the refinery had to be separated in advance so as not to interfere with the process and reduce the quality of the product.
Pusdiklat Migas Cepu, Migas Cepu Oil training Center Cepu
Education an Training Center on Oil and Gas Cepu

4. Waxplant Unit
Crystalline wax or wax is a hydrocarbon compound is mostly composed of normal paraffins and iso-paraffin compounds slightly. The residue from the refinery processed PH solarnya on Wax Plant a batik wax which is widely used in the batik industry. Another consideration for solar PH process is the difficulty in accommodating and not readily marketable.

5. Boiler Plant Unit
Boiler is needed to support the process at the refinery. Steam boiler or steam is an aircraft that is used to transfer heat from the burning fuel into the water so that water turns into steam and used outside the aircraft.
Boiler Plant is a unit that is in charge of Company:
  • Provide steam process plant
  • Providing Pressurized Air
  • Provide cooling water
  • Providing soft water

6. Environment- Occupational Safety and Health Unit
This unit was formed in order to prevent and deal with anything that causes accidents either directly affect the production process, so that production resources can be used efficiently and the production can run smoothly without any major obstacles.
That is a brief review of the unit at The Education and Training on oil and gas Cepu

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STEM (College of Energy and Minerals) "AKAMIGAS" Cepu

One of the places in the city Cepu education, as a city of oil, which oil experts scored the STEM (Sekolah Tinggi Energi dan Mineral / College of Energy and Minerals) "AKAMIGAS". STEM "Akamigas" was opened on February 7, 1967 as the first college in the oil industry. Akamigas has scored petroleum experts in Indonesia is spread across Indonesia and the world.
Courses are held at this time consisted of
  1. Production Studies Program 
  2. Processing Studies Program 
  3. Studies Program and Electronic Instrumentation 
  4. Marketing and Trading Courses 
  5. Refinery Engineering Engineering Program 

With areas of concentration as follows
  • Production
  • Drill 
  • Refinery 
  • Utilities
  • Laboratory of  Processing
  • Fire safety 
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Electrical engineering Petroleum 
  • Marketing and Trading 
  • Oil and Gas Management Services 
  • Mining and Energy Management
  • Refinery Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering field

     In order to provide education professionals, Akamigas complete infrastructure as follows:
    1. Rector Building for Management element activities 
    2. Lecture Building (West Wing, East Wing, North Wing) for the activities of the lecture with multimedia lecture suggestions and air conditioning 
    3. Sea Horse House for the administration of educational activities as well as for meetings / seminars or public lectures 
    4. The White House for financial administration and office equipment, personnelBuilding Laboratory (Lab. of Physics, Lab. Electrical, Lab. Instrumentation, Lab. Basic Chemicals, Lab. Petroleum Chemistry, Lab. Production (Exploration & Production), Lab. Workshop Mechanic, Lab. Las)

    Address: Jl. Gajah Mada 38 Cepu  Blora , 58315 Central Java 
    Phone: +62296-421897 
    Fax : +62296-421897

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    Launched KRDI Blora Jaya Cepu - Semarang Route

    Ka Blorajaya, KRD Blorajaya, KRD Blora Jaya, KRDI Blora Jaya
    Good news for users of Shuttle Train. Cepu railway department - Semarang now expanding again. Recently launched KRDI BloraJaya train (AC) with the many modes of transportation that will serve you to make your trip Cepu in a variety of travel, whether business, tourist or otherwise. Increased Train Rel series Diesel (KRD) was named executive KRDI BloraJaya AC will assist you in choosing the means of transportation cepu to Semarang and Semarang Cepu. KRDI made ​​by PT.INKA it only takes about 3 hours between Cepu - Semarang. Trains depart from the Cepu Station at 12:50 am and will arrive at the Poncol station Semarang at 15:58 pm and then departed at 17:05 pm and arrive to Cepu Station at 20:44 pm, with stops in some stations, among others: Tawang station Semarang, Ngrombo station, the Jambon station, Panunggalan station, the station Kradenan, Doplang station, the station Randublatung, Wadu station. Trains with a capacity of 270 passengers consisted of four carriages having tariff IDR 50.000. If you want to travel on the train accompanied Blorajaya KRDI Tickets can be purchased at the station on this train passed.
    Ka Blorajaya, KRD Blorajaya, KRD Blora Jaya, KRDI Blora Jaya
    KRDI Bora Jaya (Image from www.kereta-api.co.id)

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    Bank to support Economy in Cepu

    To support the economy in the region Cepu supported by many banking institutions. Cepu economic activity is also not free from the influence of institutions or the Oil and Gas company that is a hallmark of the city as a city Cepu oil. Examples of agencies and companies are PUSDIKLAT MIGAS ( Oil and Gas Education and Training Center Cepu), Pertamina UEP Lap Cepu III, Pertamina UPPDN IV Depot Cepu, Mobile Cepu Limited, TELKOM, PERHUTANI, and much more including other small industries such as teak wood crafts, etc., due prior to the institution or oil and gas entrepreneur teak first developed in the Cepu. National banks operating in the Cepu region among other:
    1. Bank BRI, on Jl. BRITAMA No 2 Cepu

    bang Bri cepu, Bri Cabang Cepu, Kantor Bri Cabang Cepu, BRI Office in Cepu

    2. Bank BNI, JL. Pemuda No.76 Cepu

    BNI 46 Cepu,BNI cabang Cepu, Bank BNI Cepu, BNI Cepu Office

    3. Bank BCA , Jl. Diponegoro 14, Cepu

    BCA KCP Cepu, Bank BCA Cepu, BCA Cepu Office

    4. Bank Danamon, on Jl. Diponegoro no 14 Cepu

    Bank Danamon cabang Cepu, Danamon Cepu, Danamon Cepu Office

    5. Bank Mandiri, on Jl. Pemuda No. 60, Cepu
    6. Bank Jateng, Jl.Mustika Plaza No 10A-11A Cepu
    7. BTPN, on JL.Stasiun Kota No.23 Cepu

    BTPN cabang Cepu, Bank BTPN Cepu, BTPN Cepu Office
    8. etc.

    And many people's credit banks that grow and evolve development of Cepu. In addition, many cooperatives also grow and develop as a driver of the economy of this city.

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    Hall of Sub-district Cepu

    This picture is currently hall of sub-district cepu. On the back of the hall is Camat office of a sub-district Cepu. office of sub-district Cepu is located right in front of the Soos (Sasono Suko) on the Ronggolawe street 44 Cepu . the governmental activities in the sub-districts are doing. This place is a sub-district administrative center in Cepu. Sub-function hall for various purposes of government, as well as a meeting place with residents Cepu. It is also used as a sub-variety of activities.

    aula kecamatan cepu, pendopo kecamatan cepu,

    Traditional arts activities are also often done in this building like shadow puppets, musical, barong, while also not spared modern art ever undertaken in this building as a band contest, singing contest and more.
    Religious activities can also use the hall of this district. From the start of dhikr together, moslem lecture and others.
    Educational activities are also often done in this place either involving children kindergarten until college,
    Economic activity is usually done during the month of Ramadhan by organizing low-cost market.
    Various kinds of exhibitions are also often were held in this building a good exhibit of art and culture, education, tourism and others.
    There are many other benefits and functions of the district office of this Cepu
    For those of you who have to deal with the population administration will surely come to this place

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