Bank to support Economy in Cepu

To support the economy in the region Cepu supported by many banking institutions. Cepu economic activity is also not free from the influence of institutions or the Oil and Gas company that is a hallmark of the city as a city Cepu oil. Examples of agencies and companies are PUSDIKLAT MIGAS ( Oil and Gas Education and Training Center Cepu), Pertamina UEP Lap Cepu III, Pertamina UPPDN IV Depot Cepu, Mobile Cepu Limited, TELKOM, PERHUTANI, and much more including other small industries such as teak wood crafts, etc., due prior to the institution or oil and gas entrepreneur teak first developed in the Cepu. National banks operating in the Cepu region among other:
1. Bank BRI, on Jl. BRITAMA No 2 Cepu

bang Bri cepu, Bri Cabang Cepu, Kantor Bri Cabang Cepu, BRI Office in Cepu

2. Bank BNI, JL. Pemuda No.76 Cepu

BNI 46 Cepu,BNI cabang Cepu, Bank BNI Cepu, BNI Cepu Office

3. Bank BCA , Jl. Diponegoro 14, Cepu

BCA KCP Cepu, Bank BCA Cepu, BCA Cepu Office

4. Bank Danamon, on Jl. Diponegoro no 14 Cepu

Bank Danamon cabang Cepu, Danamon Cepu, Danamon Cepu Office

5. Bank Mandiri, on Jl. Pemuda No. 60, Cepu
6. Bank Jateng, Jl.Mustika Plaza No 10A-11A Cepu
7. BTPN, on JL.Stasiun Kota No.23 Cepu

BTPN cabang Cepu, Bank BTPN Cepu, BTPN Cepu Office
8. etc.

And many people's credit banks that grow and evolve development of Cepu. In addition, many cooperatives also grow and develop as a driver of the economy of this city.

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