STEM (College of Energy and Minerals) "AKAMIGAS" Cepu

One of the places in the city Cepu education, as a city of oil, which oil experts scored the STEM (Sekolah Tinggi Energi dan Mineral / College of Energy and Minerals) "AKAMIGAS". STEM "Akamigas" was opened on February 7, 1967 as the first college in the oil industry. Akamigas has scored petroleum experts in Indonesia is spread across Indonesia and the world.
Courses are held at this time consisted of
  1. Production Studies Program 
  2. Processing Studies Program 
  3. Studies Program and Electronic Instrumentation 
  4. Marketing and Trading Courses 
  5. Refinery Engineering Engineering Program 

With areas of concentration as follows
  • Production
  • Drill 
  • Refinery 
  • Utilities
  • Laboratory of  Processing
  • Fire safety 
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Electrical engineering Petroleum 
  • Marketing and Trading 
  • Oil and Gas Management Services 
  • Mining and Energy Management
  • Refinery Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering field

     In order to provide education professionals, Akamigas complete infrastructure as follows:
    1. Rector Building for Management element activities 
    2. Lecture Building (West Wing, East Wing, North Wing) for the activities of the lecture with multimedia lecture suggestions and air conditioning 
    3. Sea Horse House for the administration of educational activities as well as for meetings / seminars or public lectures 
    4. The White House for financial administration and office equipment, personnelBuilding Laboratory (Lab. of Physics, Lab. Electrical, Lab. Instrumentation, Lab. Basic Chemicals, Lab. Petroleum Chemistry, Lab. Production (Exploration & Production), Lab. Workshop Mechanic, Lab. Las)

    Address: Jl. Gajah Mada 38 Cepu  Blora , 58315 Central Java 
    Phone: +62296-421897 
    Fax : +62296-421897

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