Homestay Simpang Tujuh Cepu

Exploitation Cepu block is already running. Along with the start of the exploitation of Cepu the many tourists who visit the town of Cepu. Cepu lodging facilities in the city began to grow again with the operation of Homestay Simpang Tujuh. The location is very strategic because it is located on the main route in the town of Cepu to facilitate transportation to this place. Free standing right corner of this seven intersection is one of the parts of the Mega Bintang Group.

With the new building, quite representative for hotel guests. A variety of modern facilities on offer in 10 hotel rooms are available. Hotel rooms are air conditioned and free internet access and cable TV. Facilities include a bathroom, either hot water / cold and desk. In addition, hotel guests can enjoy leisure and sports facilities here.
Homestay can you make the choice to stay when you travel either on business trips Cepu, dam other office task.

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Homestay Simpang Tujuh

Homestay Simpang Tujuh

Homestay Simpang Tujuh Cepu

For those of you who want to book a room here please contact:

Address : Jl. Ronggolawe no 48 Cepu, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62296-421010

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Research and Development Center - Perum Perhutani Cepu

Teak Forest Development Center Cepu on 05 February 1998 inauguration of the so-called Teak center (Pusat Jati) for Sustainable Forest teak plantation land. Subsequent developments in mid-1999 was renamed the Center for Forest Development (Pusbanghut) whose activity is not only true but also on the management of other crops. The agency in 2000 changed again to the Forest Resources Development Center (Pusbang SDH) whose job it is coupled with environmental management. In 2005 changed to Center for Research and Development Perum Perhutani up to date having the task of managing the forest resources, manage the environmental, economic and social manage managing management.
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Research and Development was prepared as a place to do your own research as well as cooperation and application of research results in the cultivation of forestry and forest management. Center for producing teak seedlings from tissue culture, micro-cuttings, and cuttings from the mother plant shoots plus teak trees. This activity is done to meet the production target of 10 million seedlings a year of teak seedlings.
Center for producing teak seedlings from tissue culture and cuttings from the parent shoots of teak plus trees. It also tested the seed from clonal seed orchard seed in the laboratory processing and distribution of seeds, package and melabelisasi, distribute to the Forest Authority Unit (Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan /KPH) to then be applied in the field. Research is also being implemented and the results of studies of several of them were ready to be applied in the field. Teak seedlings are more familiar with the JPP (Jati Plus Perhutani).
pusbanghut, pusbang SDH,forest Development Center, Forest Resources Development Center, teak Forest

Goals for Perum Perhutani Cepu Research and Development Center is to :
  1. Conduct tree breeding and silvicultural trials, so that in a short time to improve productivity and product quality.
  2. To coordinate the activities of research and development through cooperation of researchers and institutions of higher education / research institutions, both within and outside the country.
  3.  As a center of information about forest management in the work area from Perum Perhutani.
The task of the Perum Perhutani Cepu Research and Development Center are:
  1. Conduct research and development covering aspects of forest resources, socio-economic and environment for the achievement of improved forest productivity, the quality of the biophysical environment and the welfare of the community forest resources around the forest.
  2. Able to answer the question that arises in relation to forest resources.
Target identity is a central work program got seeds / seedlings and oak superior to the conventional approach based on physical appearances tree breeding tree (phenotype) and bioengineering approaches are based on the nature of teak breeding genotypes with silviculture test. Therefore, the development of forests with the aim of improving the productivity of forest resources in a way that is intended to obtain seeds of proven genetic superiority.

Center for Research and Development Perum Perhutani Cepu 
Address: Jl.Wonosari Batokan Cepu 58302 Indonesia
Phone :+62296-421233 
Fax: +62296-422439

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Craft Industry of Teak in Cepu

Cepu some areas is a teak forests,. Therefore, teak woodwork in Cepu quite popular even abroad. Handicraft products made ​​of Java teak is very famous and hounded by collectors abroad. With the subtlety of texture and beauty of the color of the wood, teak wood is classified as a luxury. These commodities have been developed by the Cepu as home industry.
One of the crafts are made ​​from teak is teak lathes. Lathe craft products such as teak house decoration, furniture, knick-knacks and gift items such as replica tricycles, bicycles, even a replica of Harley Davidson motorcycles and others. The specificity of teak wood lathe craft Cepu is located in a generally rounded shape and smooth, unlike the Jepara wood crafts such as carving or Bali.
In Cepu also produces a wide range of export-quality teak furniture products in the form of a wide range of tables, chairs, cabinets and so on. Furniture Centers are located in the village Tambakromo
teak cepu furniture, Mebel jati, meubel jati cepu
Teak Furniture
Calligraphic made ​​from teak are also located in the village kentong also have penetrated the overseas market is like in the Middle East Countries, Singapore and Malaysia.

kaligrafi, kaligrafi jati, Calligraphic Craf
Teak Calligraphic

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Grand Hotel Cepu

GRAND HOTEL CEPU is located in Jl.Pemuda Cepu - Central Java. One hotel that stands to meet the Cepu Block exploration. The various facilities offered to the hotel to attract guests. The hotel offers an atmosphere and environment Comfortable, warm and relaxed with Typical Java service. Hotel nuanced natural and rural traditions to add to the comfort of our guests who stay at home so they feel like their own. The hotel is designed with minimalist and traditional styles to enhance the warm and relaxing the hotel guests.
1. Standard Grand
Facilities: Soft Bed, TV Channel, Breakast and Service, Clean toilets
2. Deluxe Grand
Facilities: Soft Bed, TV Channel, Single Bad, Bad Twin, Breakast and Service, clean toilets
3. VIP Grand:
Facilities: Bigger room, Living Room, Mini bar, Soft bed, TV Channel, Breakfast, Cool and Hot Water

Other Facilites
- Meeting Room Grand
- Joglo Grand

For those of you who visit and want to be a guest of this hotel please contact:
Grand Hotel Cepu
Jl. Pemuda No. 70 A Cepu - Central Java
Phone: 62296 421444
Fax: 62296 421444
Official Site:
Gallery :
Grand Hotel Cepu

Joglo Grand

Standart Grand

Deluxe Grand

VIP Grand

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