Flash flood in Cepu

Safe from the overflowing of the Solo River does not mean Cepu area safe from flooding. Tuesday night (April 27 2010 at 20:30), major flooding hit the eastern part of Blora area. At least, four villages are hit by floods.
Water height 15 cm to 60 cm. Rather severe in Sub Ngelo and Karangboyo, because the water flows quite rapidly. Until now, the loss due to floods were still inventoried
Floods are caused due to delivery of a number of Rivers in the forest of Sambong and Kasiman.

video below is the flood that hit my house

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Dr. R. Soeprapto Cepu Hospital

Dr. R. Soeprapto Cepu Hospital located in the City District Cepu, Blora regency, Central Java Province. Dr. R. Cepu Soeprapto Hospital very stretegic in the border between East Java Province (Bojonegoro), west Kedungtuban District, District and east sambong separated by the Bengawan Solo river, just south Ngawi, north of District Kasiman Bojonegoro.
District-level presence in the town once stood Cepu many places, health services state-owned or private property including:
  1. Pusdiklat Migas Hospital,owned by the Center for Education and Training Cepu Oil and Gas (Oil and Gas Training Center Cepu)
  2. PKU Muhamadiyah Hospital, owned by the Foundation Muhamadiyah Cepu
  3. Bagas Hospital, owned Christian Foundation
  4. Nadatul Ulama Hospital, owned Foundation Nahdatul Ulama Cepu

1. Emergency Services
ER service at is a coordinated and integrated system under one roof that serves to medical examination, therapy, ready to serve patients during 24 Hours.
With a very adequate building facilities and the availability of examination rooms for surgical cases, non surgical, triage, central oxygen and air conditioned spacious rooms will provide both staff and patients' comfort.
Health workers available in the emergency unit is composed of paramedics and have educational backgrounds PPGD skills, although not yet as a whole has attended training.
In addition to support patients undergoing gravity Service ambulance facilities include 3 units along with the driver that is ready to serve for 24 hours.

2. Outpatient Services
    The clinic services that currently exist are as follows:
  1. Policlinic of Internal Medicine
  2. Polyclinic of Ear Nose throat Disease
  3. Polyclinic of Eye Disease
  4. Polyclinic of General Surgery
  5. Polyclinic of Neural Diseases
  6. Polyclinic of Child Diseases
  7. Polyclinic of Dental and Oral Diseases
  8. Polyclinic of Obstetrics ang gynekology
  9. Polyclinic of Consulting Psychology
  10. Polyclinic of Nutrition Consultation
  11. General Polyclinic
3. Inpatient Services
Inpatient installation is an installation consisting of a specialist child care among specialists, surgeons, specialists obsgyn, a specialist in internal medicine and neurological specialists, besides it is also a VIP room inpatient care. Hospitalization has bed capacity of 100 beds which includes several classes of treatment are: VIP.A - VIP.B - Class Example - Class I - Class II - Class III
4. Central Surgical Services
Installing a central surgical operating room equipped with 2 major and 1 minor operating room, so it can serve simultaneously operating. And 24-hour Service
5. ICU Services
With a simple buildings and facilities of existing equipment seeks to provide care to patients who need to get special treatment (gravity). With facilities and infrastructure maintenance (proper beds, ECG monitor, oxygen and air conditioned room), will give comfort to the patient or patient's guardian.
6. Medical Support Services
a. Radiology b. Laboratory c. Pharmacy d. Medical Rehabilitation
7. General Facilities
  • Auditorium complete with sound system and room air conditioner.
  • The parking lot is a broad
  • Field badminton
  • mosque
  • WC / Bathroom
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM), BRI and BNI.
  • Cash Office BRI and Bank Jateng

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Mobil Cepu Ltd. (MCL) in Cepu Block

PT Pertamina (Persero) and (ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia )EMOI agreed Mobil Cepu Limited (MCL), a subsidiary of a operators EMOI Cepu Block. Block Cepu operation contract, which stated in a Joint Operation Agreement (JOA), signed by Pertamina (Pertamina EP Cepu) view of Exxon Mobil (Mobil Cepu Limited & Ampolex) on March 15, 2006

Mobil Cepu Ltd. (MCL) and Ampolex (Cepu) Pte. Ltd., both subsidiaries of Exxon Mobil Corporation is the contractor Cepu Cooperation Contract with PT Pertamina EP Cepu, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina and the Company 4 Local Government to participate in the allocation of interests in the region Cepu Contract, as set forth in KKS Cepu (Production Sharing Contract ).
Government Regulation No. 35 / 2004 states that the priority of offering flowers to go to the Participating Companies Local Government appointed by the Government of Indonesia. The (4) four Local Government Companies are PT Sarana Patra Hulu Cepu (Central Java), PT Asri Dharma Sejahtera (Bojonegoro), PT Blora Patragas Hulu (Blora), PT Petro Gas Utama Cendana East Java (East Java). These 4 local government companies to work under a consortium called Cooperation Agency (BKS).

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Hotel In Cepu

Cepu although a district town in Blora district but has a lot of hotels. Both star hotels to small hotels. Hotels in Cepu include: Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel, Grand Mega Resort, Cepu Indah Hotel, Miranda Hotel, Top Star Hotel, Ronggolawe Hotel, Borobudur Hotel, Grand Hotel and many more small hotels and new hotels are popping up.
This was in because of the number of arrivals in Cepu town and oil drilling in the Cepu block.

Here are some photo gallery hotel in Cepu:

Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel

Gran Mega Resort (fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net)

Gran Mega Resort (fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net)

Cepu Indah Hotel

Top Star Hotel

Top star Hotel Cepu, Hotel di Cepu, Hotel in Cepu
Topstar Hotel Cepu

Cepu Indah Hotel

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Cepu Loco Tour

Loco tour or also known as Loco Tour is a travel package tours in the forest (Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan / Forest Authority Unit) KPH Cepu to transport an ancient train pulled by an old locomotive made in Germany Berliner Maschinnenbaun Year 1928.

Mileage as far as 60 kilometers. The maximum speed of 20 kilometers / hour, with a 4-hour travel time. This tour departs from the Office Perhutani KPH Cepu Sorogo Cepu Street, traveling approximately 30 km to the train speed 20 km / hour. Travel includes forest areas, including Ledok, Kendilan, Market Bilungun afternoon, Nglobo, Cabak and Nglebur.
Loco Tour offers panoramic views of the beautiful forest area of the train, some typical art Blora, such as tayub or saradan. Also, the museum's identity, allowing visitors to feel as real travelers. Like, can participate in planting teak, timber, and many others.

To enjoy the tour package, should be in the group with the hiring of three existing cab. With a passenger capacity of 20 to 30 people, visitors should rent a cart for Rp. 7 million.

The scene that presented during the trip so wonderful. In addition to the forest area, in the middle - the middle of this locomotive traveling through a suspension bridge. So that the circuit is drawn carriage locomotive was so beautiful when seen. The view is quite challenging, so that in 2008 there was the group earlier had tourists from Germany and the Netherlands came directly to the site tour by renting a cab for the purpose of capturing the moment.


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Cepu Story

Cepu is one of the districts of Blora regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. Sub-district borders the districts Bojonegoro East Java Province ,
At the time of Panembahan Senopati (King of Mataram I), the exact time of the seizure of a daughter named Madison Retno Dumilah. Cepu name was known at the time.
Cepu name taken from the story of Aryo Penangsang,when the battle between Jipang Panolan and Pajang on the outskirts Bengawan Solo river, the story was a soldier Panolan (not ordinary soldiers but the Aryo Pengangsang own) which affected or spear embedded in his thigh, in Javanese Hit = nancep, thigh = pupu, the two words that became a Cepu.
In the Dutch colonial period, Cepu is an important city, because of the oil content and teak forest (Jati Forest). In Cepu can be found corpulent Dutch heritage building that still exists today. Among other Sasono SOS Meeting House, Suko Loji klunthung and Dutch Cemetery located in the village of District Wonorejo Cepu.
Name Cepu increasingly known for its exploration plans Cepu Block. This block covers an area Cepu and Bojonegoro with oil content is expected to reach millions of barrels. There are two major operators involved in this exploratory oil, namely Exxon Mobile and Pertamina. Other parties involved is the Government of East Java, Central Java Provincial Government, District Government Blora regency, and the Government in the form of Bojonegoro participacing interest.

Cepu also has other potential. Namely, tourism assets that can be marketed, both in the form of heritage and natural beauty.
Apart from cultural tours, Cepu also has the potential of nature tourism that is very interesting, unique, and captivating. This tourism type of tourists attracted many domestic and overseas. That is, the old oil wells and gas being spread in the region around Cepu, Nglobo, Ledok, and Wonocolo. The number of old wells that have reached 648 pieces with 112 of them are still actively producing oil.
Oil wells in this Cepu first discovered in 1890 by Petroleum Bataafsche Maatchappij (BPM), an oil company from the Netherlands, which later changed its name to be Shell. Most of these old wells were traditionally mined by the local community. They used a rope and bucket pulled by around 15 people or use a cow to tow.
The old wells were generally located in hilly areas and in the midst of teak forests. Thus, extra efforts need to be able to see it. Somewhat like a little adventure. But any visit there would be very impressive.

There are also tours Loko Tour. Loko Tour is a tour package in the teak forest area with transportation Cepu KPH train pulled by an old locomotive made in Germany Maschienenbaun Berliner in 1928. This tour departs from the Office Perhutani Sorogo travel about 30 kilometers at the speed of the train 20 miles per hour. Traveling through the forest areas, including Ledok, Kendilan, Pasar Sore, Blungun, Nglobo, Cabak, and Nglebur.
Cepu also has a large station in the direction the train passed Jakarta - Surabaya. And train exsecutive "SEMBRANI" one of them also stopped at the train Station Cepu


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