Launched KRDI Blora Jaya Cepu - Semarang Route

Ka Blorajaya, KRD Blorajaya, KRD Blora Jaya, KRDI Blora Jaya
Good news for users of Shuttle Train. Cepu railway department - Semarang now expanding again. Recently launched KRDI BloraJaya train (AC) with the many modes of transportation that will serve you to make your trip Cepu in a variety of travel, whether business, tourist or otherwise. Increased Train Rel series Diesel (KRD) was named executive KRDI BloraJaya AC will assist you in choosing the means of transportation cepu to Semarang and Semarang Cepu. KRDI made ​​by PT.INKA it only takes about 3 hours between Cepu - Semarang. Trains depart from the Cepu Station at 12:50 am and will arrive at the Poncol station Semarang at 15:58 pm and then departed at 17:05 pm and arrive to Cepu Station at 20:44 pm, with stops in some stations, among others: Tawang station Semarang, Ngrombo station, the Jambon station, Panunggalan station, the station Kradenan, Doplang station, the station Randublatung, Wadu station. Trains with a capacity of 270 passengers consisted of four carriages having tariff IDR 50.000. If you want to travel on the train accompanied Blorajaya KRDI Tickets can be purchased at the station on this train passed.
Ka Blorajaya, KRD Blorajaya, KRD Blora Jaya, KRDI Blora Jaya
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