Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel

Mega bintang Hotel CepuWith the exploration of Block Cepu, many newcomers to the business or other come to town Cepu. It was to be encouraging the emergence of inns, hotels, or places of entertainment. Until now, the number of hotels in Cepu has more than 10 places to number more than 200 rooms and more than 400 beds. One of them, which is classified as a four star is Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel Cepu. The hotel is established since 2003.
Hotel is located at Ronggolawe St.No.103 Cepu - Central Java - Indonesia has the motto: "STAY WITH US." It has 99 rooms that are ready to serve and satisfy customers or guests staying at the hotel.

With a four star hotel as it is called of course there are various facilities including: Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Salon, Ballroom, Spa and Massage, Pub and Cafe, Meeting Room and Fitness Centre. In addition there are additional facilities: Karaoke, Forest Gardent, Music Room, Laundry, Cable TV, Free Wifi and Rent A Car. If you want to join please visit the official website :

Tel: +62296421275 (Hunting)
Fax: +62296424541

Photo Galerry Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel Cepu :

Mega bintang Hotel Cepu

Mega bintang Hotel Cepu

Mega bintang Hotel Cepu

Mega bintang Hotel Cepu

Mega Bintang Sweet Hotel at Night

Mega bintang Cepu Hotel at Night

Mega Bintang Hotel at Night

Mega bintang Hotel Cepu at Night

Mega bintang Hotel Cepu at Night

Mega bintang Cepu at Night

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Closing Exercises Taruna Bhakti Praja of Military Academy

Taruna Bhakti Praja Exercise Level Military Academy. II and III Year 2010/2011 has been carried on for a week in 16 districts in Blora regency since the February 21, 2011. They have mingled with people to help carry out various activities, both physical and non physical activity. For physical activity, the cadets will assist in the manufacture of macadam roads, bridges and other development, while for non-physical activities, they will do the counseling and Akmil introduction into the schools, as well as stay in touch to community leaders and local religious leaders.

Closing Day held on Saturday, February 26, 2011, which was centered in the field Tuk Buntung, District Cepu. Present on the occasion of Blora Regent Djoko Nugroho accompanied by his wife, mother of participants Muspida Blora regency, officials of military academy DANMENTAR-led military academy , Col. Edy. A total of 551 cadets from the Military Academy (Akmil) Magelang and accompanied by 220 coaches attend these closing. The event closed with a souvenir gift from both sides. From Blora regency government provide souvenirs in the form of statues and plaques Horse emblem Blora regency to DANMENTAR Akmil, and vice versa DANMENTAR Akmil give placard to the Regent, 0721 Dandim Blora and sub-district police chief Cepu. The event was followed Carnival drums Display Flute "CANKA Lokananta" from Akmil.

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PKU Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital

PKU Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital is one private hospital in the city of Cepu, Blora regency, Central Java Province. Before becoming PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital is a maternity hospital and Medical Clinic. Inauguration of the status of hospitals conducted by Prof. Syafi'i Ma'arif who was general chairman of Muhammadiyah's central leadership. On Sunday December 26, 2004 Date of hospital was inaugurated which coincided with the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Aceh and its surroundings. . Over time PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital now has a magnificent building with its supporting facilities. In November 2008 also received visits Chairman Muhammadiyah Central Executive Prof. Din Syamsudin to inaugurate its new building. In the year 2011 has also been accredited.
This hospital has a vision: "To be the Muhammadiyah hospital is growing and growing and professionally managed".
"Satisfying four interested parties: Owner, Employees, Customers, Government".
And Good Value:
1. Working as a means of worship to Allah SWT.
2. Trying to form the "Rahmatan Lil Alamin."
3. Working while studying to achieve professionalism.

RS PKU Muhammadiyah, PKU Cepu, Rumah Sakit Muhammadiyah, Cepu Hospital, Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital

RS PKU Muhammadiyah, PKU Cepu, Rumah Sakit Muhammadiyah, Cepu Hospital, Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital

1. Emergency Services
ER service at is a coordinated and integrated system under one roof That serves to medical examination, therapy, ready to serve Patients During 24 Hours.

2. Outpatient Services
The clinic services That currently exist are as follows:
- Policlinic of Internal Medicine
- Polyclinic of General Surgery
- Polyclinic of Neural Diseases
- Polyclinic of Child Diseases
- Polyclinic of Dental and Oral Diseases
- Polyclinic of Obstetrics and gynekology
- Polyclinic of Consulting Psychology
- Polyclinic of Nutrition Consultation
- General Polyclinic

4. Central Surgical Services

5. ICU Services

6. Medical Support Services
a. Radiology b. Laboratory c. Pharmacy

7. General Facilities
• The auditorium complete with sound system and room air conditioner.
• the parking lot is a broad

RS PKU Muhammadiyah, PKU Cepu, Rumah Sakit Muhammadiyah, Cepu Hospital, Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital
VIP Room Pku Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital

RS PKU Muhammadiyah, PKU Cepu, Rumah Sakit Muhammadiyah, Cepu Hospital, Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital
VIP ROOM PKU Muhammadiyah Cepu Hospital 

Muhammadiyah Chairman, Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah, Prof. Din Syamsudin, PKU Cepu
Photo with Prof. Din Syamsudin after inaugurate its new building (VIP Room)

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Teak Forest In Cepu

Teak forests in Java are listed spread on the northern coast of Java, from Kerawang down to the eastern tip of this island. Teak forests are most numerous in the province of Central Java and East Java, the area which has a height of 650 meters above sea level. There are only a few areas that have grown teak in a region that is located less than 200 meters above sea level.
Teak forests often occur naturally due to monsoon climate that caused forest fires regularly. Ample teak forest in central Java in the area Alas Roban, Rembang, Blora, Groboragan, and Pati. In fact, teak java with the best quality produce in the area of ​​land perkapuran Cepu, Blora regency, Central Java.

Foto Teguh

Foto teguh
Foto Teguh

A lot of teak forests in Java land, whether gazetted as forest production and non-production forests, providing services as a center for research and education, the monitoring center of nature, places of recreation and tourism, as well as the source of cultural development.
One of the teak forests are utilized for non-production forests are "Gubug Payung Monument" in Cepu, Blora, Central Java. This place is a living museum of old teak trees over a century, and has an average height of 40 meters and an average diameter of 89 centimeters.
We can enjoy the forest scenery in "Gubug Payung" from a height, with a ride "Cepu loco Tour." Here, we can also review the Arboretum Teak; artificial forest with a collection of 32 types of oak that grows in Indonesia. There is also a Center for Cepu that develop superior teak seedlings known as JPP (Jati Plus Perhutani). In Cepu also have Teak Wood Processing Industry (IPKJ) that the Governance KPH (Forest Authority Unit) Cepu.
In Cepu there are many industries that process than the oak which, among other things:
1. Handicrafts made of teak wood raw material. Having a variety of forms such as: Fruit, leaves, Pails, Gentong, Jar, Box, Bowl, Boat, Vas and others. Handicraft Teak is very unique and beautiful to use as decorations inside and outside the room, can be used as a vase or Flower Pot, Fruit or Food Places, Places of Goods and forth.
2. Ball (Root Ball) is made from raw material teak roots and stump.
3. Unique Tables and chairs made from raw material teak roots and stump, and made of teak wood that has been consumed age (very old) and exposed to erosion by the heat and rain.
4. Sculpture made from raw material teak roots and stump. Having a variety of forms including: People, Fish, Animals / Animals and others.
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Cepu In Google Map

You can see Cepu in google map below:

View Larger Map

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Ngloram Airport Activated

Ilustration (Google)

Ngloram Airport was built in 1978, operated by the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR). In 1984, the official airport stopped operating because Pertamina officials and Oil and Gas Implementing Agency in charge exploit Cepu more train services.

In this year Blora regency government and Central Java Provincial Government continues to seek development or functioning Ngloram Airport, District Cepu, Blora, Central Java. It was agreed that the construction of the airfield was handed over to Exxon Mobil after the talks, as the companies doing exploration in Cepu through its subsidiary, Mobil Cepu Limited (MCL).
According to the Teguh Dwi Paryono as the Head Office of Energy and Mineral Resources of Central Java "Later on, airports Ngloram used only for business flights, not as a commercial airport."
In addition, Teguh also said the current funding requirements for airport development Ngloram still in analysis. True to its target states from 2012 the airport was able to operate.

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Ngloram Airport In Google Maps

Currently, said Teguh, development Ngloram Airport administration already under preparation. In because, airport development is related to other agencies, particularly the Ministry of Transportation. And today is also still in the stage of submission of permission for the airport land assets owned by the Ministry of Finance.

Ngloram Airport currently has a runway length of 900 meters. In order to be used Foker or CN235 aircraft type with a capacity of about 16 passengers, the runway must be extended again

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