A Brief History of Oil in Cepu

Oil Field Nglobo (blorakab.go.id)
History of Oil in Indonesia Starting in the Age of the Dutch East Indies about the year 1830 - 1890 by a Dutchman named A Jana Zijlker. In 1884 he undertook drilling wells in the Telaga Tiga-1 oil field Telaga Said region of Deli, North Sumatra.
Then Zijlker pioneering oil company Royal Dutch procure the name of The Company is a corporate giant Shell embryo that is in the world today.
While in Central Java by a Dutchman named P Van Dijk began a study of seepage of oil wells in 1867 existing wells on Ledok-1 and drilling conducted in 1893 by Mr. Adrian Stoop a young engineer who also served in Grondpellwesen drill drinking water.
Gusher in Sambong (blorakab.go.id)
That is to say Mr Adrian Stoop was the first discoverer of oil in the Cepu by first drilling in the village Ledok. And concluded that in panolan Cepu lading contained a high-quality oil with a very large number.

From this then comes the oil concessions in other areas Cepu. Among the oil concession on Semanggi-Jepon, oil mining concessions Nglobo, Banyubang, Trembes, Ngiono and Ngapus.

And to this concrete manifestation of the Cepu oil can still be felt, even recent discovery of a satellite of the earth some time ago, Cepu Oil is still a lot that can not be produced.
Ledok Oil Wells

By the State at this time on a large scale exploration licenses already in the hands of Exxon Mobil Ltd which is currently starting production

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