ExxonMobil CS working on EPC in Cepu Block

PT Pertamina EP Cepu and Mobil Cepu Ltd (MCL) will continue the development of full production Banyu Urip field in Cepu Block. PT Pertamina EP Cepu is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) and Mobil Cepu Ltd. is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation.

The company has received a contract Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for Production Processing Facility (Production Processing Facilities). This facility is the first and largest contract awarded the EPC contract of the overall five Banyu Urip.

"This is a significant step in the development of full field production Banyu Urip," said Terry S. McPhail, President and General Manager of ExxonMobil affiliates in Indonesia "We are working with BP Migas, Pertamina, and our other partners to manage the resources of the Banyu Urip into full production, with an approach that swiftly and economically."

President Director of PT Pertamina EP Cepu, Amry Thaib M also revealed that the bestowal of this contract will accelerate the development of full-field production from Banyu Urip Field and strengthen energy security for Indonesia market.

For information, development of full-field production facility is planned to be able to produce approximately 165 thousand barrels of oil per day. The facility includes 49 wells on three platforms wells, a central processing facility (Central Processing Facility / CPF), and 95 kilometers along the pipe to drain the oil into a storage facility and the flow-loaded floating (Floating Storage and Offloading / FSO) charged maximum 1 , 7 million barrels.

With a target completion of 36 months for all the EPC contract. The project is planned to produce approximately 450 million barrels of oil. The process of drilling, construction, and installation of these facilities can be achieved with support from domestic suppliers, including local companies.

Banyu Urip project partners have initiated an early production in late 2008 and began operating the initial production facilities (Early Production Facility) in August 2009. This facility proved capable of producing 20 thousand barrels of oil per day and continues to operate properly.

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