Oil and Gas Education and Training Center Cepu

Hearing the word Cepu certainly can not be separated with the oil City. Since the Dutch colonization period in Cepu oil already in exploitation. Also in Cepu also stand Oil and Gas Education Center, who scored the skilled manpower in the field of oil and gas.

The history of the founding OIL Oil and Gas Education Center Cepu are as follows:

  • Starting from Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij (BPM), from 1886 to 1942, the Dutch colonization period.
  • Then the Japanese colonial period (1942 - 1945)
  • State Oil Mining Company (1945-1950)
  • Administration Resources Oil (ASM) (1950-1951)
  • Oil Mining Company People Of Indonesia (1951-1961)
  • National Oil Company (PN Permigan) (1961-1965)
  • Oil and Gas Education Center / Oil & Gas Institute (Lemigas), (4-January-1966-1978)<
  • PPTMGB LEMIGAS (1978 - 1984)
  • Development Center for Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (PPT Oil and Gas) (1984-2001)
  • Education and Training Centre for Oil and Gas (Oil and Gas Training Center) (2001 - present)

Oil and Gas Training Center MAIN PROGRAM:

1. Training Services / Course
2. Special Engineering Services Oil and Gas Energy Certification
3. Technology Services

• Services Expertise / Consultant
• Oil and Gas Inspection Service (LIM)
• Welder Testing Service (ATB)
• Instrumentation Calibration Services (LK-GAS)
• Construction and Installation Services
• Laboratory Service (LP-Gas)
• Mechanical Repair Services
• Fire and Safety
4. Oil Services
5. Laboratory Testing Services

That is a brief description of Oil and Gas Education Center, which has a very grand building in the city this Cepu.

Photo Gallery Oil and Gas Education and Training Center Cepu

For more information on you can see on the official website :
Pusdiklat Migas Cepu : www.pusdiklatmigas.com
Phone : +6296421888
Fax : +6296421891
Email : informasi@pusdiklatmigas.com

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