Th3Us3R hacked my Blog

Although already quite old blogging, today the first time my blog was hacked.. This experience of the first and hopefully not be repeated. The Hecker warns us to change my password and use a lot of combination password to make it secure. I thank you for this memorial is a lesson for me. That's the internet world or virtual world anything can happen hehehehe .. Hecker calling itself Th3Us3R who have posted below (I was deleted this post):

H4ck3d By Th3Us3R 

Dear admin, im Th3Us3r hacker from 3viLc063s crew.
Please increase your blog security! Your data stilll save because im hacker and i not cracker. Please change your password and use a lot of combination password to make it secure. If you dont change it, i like to become admin in this blog. ^_^

# JoK3rs 3viLc063s <-> sYaM92x h3x4Crews <-> 
h3x4g3n0 h3x4Crews <-> F4kyU tuYu h3x4Crews <-
> R4J3 RileksCrews <-> D3viL Pr0xy <-> F4hkRu 
Raz1 h3x4Crews <-> sh4h RileksCrews <-> Cyberian 
Mil RileksCrews <-> n0RuL3z 3viLc063s <-> fRE3d0m
 3viLc063s <-> RASH 3viLc063s <-> Sch4fyck
 B4ysch13r h3x4Crews <-> m4s0kis tbd <-> 
Shu1ch1Sy4d RileksCrews<-> Db0yz RileksCrews <-
> bl4ckm4gicx 3viLc063s <-> E-sy4d� <-> Blacklist
 RivaL Ha¢kin | Cr³w <-> Th3Us3r Ha¢kin | Cr³w <-> 
kUcin L1a 3viLc063s <-> Xnkownx 3viLc063s <-> 
H4zyv4N 3viLc063s <-> Bl4ckhOrnET 3viLc063s<->� 
wakakaH4wk 3viLc063s <-> g0sh4wk 3viLc063s <-> 
And All Crews Member <-> h3x4Crews + RileksCrews 
+ Newbie3viLc063s #

Tuhanku, ampuni aku, sayangi aku, tutuplah aib-aibku, 
angkatlah darjatku, berilah aku rezeki, berilah aku petunjuk, 
sihatkan aku, maafkan aku. AMIN !

This The Screenshot Bellow :

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