Grand Mega Resort & Spa

 Grand  Mega Resort Cepu
If you come to Cepu need alternative accommodation, one of in the town of Cepu is the Grand Mega Resort & Spa. Although even I as a citizen Cepu have never felt staying at this hotel. But it would not hurt if I am proud of the magnificent hotel surrounded by the natural feel of the city this Cepu. For those of you who are on their way to business in Cepu of course the hotel can be your choice.
Hotel is located in Tambakromo Cepu provides many facilities include air conditioning, desk, internet access, television, shower, mini bar, balcony / terrace, satellite TV / cable. Guests will enjoy the finest facilities and services of the hotel include laundry service / dry cleaning, meeting facilities, concierge, bar edge-pool, car parking. Swimming pool (outdoor), available at the park for recreation and leisure hotel.
If you want a good night to stay for night or for weeks you can visit the official website to booking room.
Photo Gallery Grand Mega Resort & Spa :

 Grand  Mega Resort Cepu
Grand Mega Resort & Spa

 Swimming pool atGrand  Mega Resort Cepu
Swimming Pool at Night

 Swimming Pool at Grand Mega Resort Cepu
Swimming Pool

 Grand  Mega Resort Swimming pool
Swimming pool At Night
 Grand  Mega Resort Cepu
Wedding Party at Grand Mega Resort 

 wedding part atGrand  Mega Resort Cepu
Wedding Party at Swimming pool
 Valentine Grand  Mega Resort Cepu
Valentine at Grand Mega Resort

 Room Rate Grand  Mega Resort Cepu
Room Rate Grand Mega Resort

Below is the official website:
Address: Jl. Raya No.27 Tambakromo Cepu - Central Java - Indonesia
Phone: +62296423999
Fax: +62296423888

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  1. Im sorry before, but Mr/Ms the one who created this bLog i apreciate so much abt ur dedication to make this "all about cepu" BLog. But couLd u use proper engLish? not onLy engLish by googLe transLete?
    im sorry (again) to say, but this is kinda crappy. Imagine how confuseid a foreigner when s/he read ur articLes. Or better u should use ur own Bahasa Indonesia


  2. Pak Teguh...ap kbr? :-) lama tak jumpa! :-) Wach...hebat ..sampe bikin blogging segala..he he he...cuman aj mnurut saya..mungkin perlu di edit dikit lagi..biar yg baca gak binggung..he he :-) Tapi overall,..its such as a great story & property! I'm proud of it, since I were part of GMR :-D
    Salam buat semuanya! :-D
    Dimaz Prakoso Kievietz Kismoko


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