Dokar in Cepu

In this modern era of transportation equipment gig ( Dokar / Delman) turned out to still be an option some people Cepu. Although more modern means of transportation have many customers that they still have quite a lot.
In Cepu still a lot we meet in the T-junction ketapang and traffic light intersection near the post office. A lot of carts, passengers waiting there.

Shuttle is still the choice of citizens Cepu. Reasonable cost you can try to go up this gig (dokar) with a relatively low cost. Passengers usually from among mothers who wanted to go to the market.

Coachman gig waiting pasengger
gig waiting pasengger

Dokar waiting Passenger in traffic light near post office

Dokar with pasengger

Coachman waiting pasengger

Dokar on the street in Tuk Buntung


  1. Cepu? where is the location of Cepu friend?

  2. nice post, the dokar is a cultural heritage that must be preserved..

  3. Happy to be here today! Please visit me back. Thank you :-)


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