The biggest and grandest buildings in Cepu

Cepu small town but a lot of attraction, ranging from the Cepu block with oil exploration, the best teak forests, a large train stations, and also the number of immigrants in the city add to the story of the City Cepu.
Blog Cepu Admin want to also add a neighbor something new about Cepu. The largest and grandest building in town Cepu, version. possible from any reader put it I'm very grateful.

Here are the Top 5 Largest and grandest building in town Cepu:
1. Pusdiklat Migas Cepu

Pusdiklat Migas Cepu

2. Mega Bintang Hotel
Mega Bintang Hotel

3 Dr. R. Soeprapto Hospital Cepu
Dr. R. Soeprapto Hospital Cepu

4. PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Cepu
PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Cepu

5. Top Star Hotel
Top Star Hotel

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  1. Bangunannya bagus--bagus di cepu...
    Maju dan sukses terus untuk cepu.
    SEkalian mau mengucap Selamat hari Raya Idul Fitri 1432 H Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin sahabat

  2. I have found lots of information and insights from your blog. I am very happy to be here. :)

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