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Teak forests in Java are listed spread on the northern coast of Java, from Kerawang down to the eastern tip of this island. Teak forests are most numerous in the province of Central Java and East Java, the area which has a height of 650 meters above sea level. There are only a few areas that have grown teak in a region that is located less than 200 meters above sea level.
Teak forests often occur naturally due to monsoon climate that caused forest fires regularly. Ample teak forest in central Java in the area Alas Roban, Rembang, Blora, Groboragan, and Pati. In fact, teak java with the best quality produce in the area of ​​land perkapuran Cepu, Blora regency, Central Java.

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A lot of teak forests in Java land, whether gazetted as forest production and non-production forests, providing services as a center for research and education, the monitoring center of nature, places of recreation and tourism, as well as the source of cultural development.
One of the teak forests are utilized for non-production forests are "Gubug Payung Monument" in Cepu, Blora, Central Java. This place is a living museum of old teak trees over a century, and has an average height of 40 meters and an average diameter of 89 centimeters.
We can enjoy the forest scenery in "Gubug Payung" from a height, with a ride "Cepu loco Tour." Here, we can also review the Arboretum Teak; artificial forest with a collection of 32 types of oak that grows in Indonesia. There is also a Center for Cepu that develop superior teak seedlings known as JPP (Jati Plus Perhutani). In Cepu also have Teak Wood Processing Industry (IPKJ) that the Governance KPH (Forest Authority Unit) Cepu.
In Cepu there are many industries that process than the oak which, among other things:
1. Handicrafts made of teak wood raw material. Having a variety of forms such as: Fruit, leaves, Pails, Gentong, Jar, Box, Bowl, Boat, Vas and others. Handicraft Teak is very unique and beautiful to use as decorations inside and outside the room, can be used as a vase or Flower Pot, Fruit or Food Places, Places of Goods and forth.
2. Ball (Root Ball) is made from raw material teak roots and stump.
3. Unique Tables and chairs made from raw material teak roots and stump, and made of teak wood that has been consumed age (very old) and exposed to erosion by the heat and rain.
4. Sculpture made from raw material teak roots and stump. Having a variety of forms including: People, Fish, Animals / Animals and others.
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