Closing Exercises Taruna Bhakti Praja of Military Academy

Taruna Bhakti Praja Exercise Level Military Academy. II and III Year 2010/2011 has been carried on for a week in 16 districts in Blora regency since the February 21, 2011. They have mingled with people to help carry out various activities, both physical and non physical activity. For physical activity, the cadets will assist in the manufacture of macadam roads, bridges and other development, while for non-physical activities, they will do the counseling and Akmil introduction into the schools, as well as stay in touch to community leaders and local religious leaders.

Closing Day held on Saturday, February 26, 2011, which was centered in the field Tuk Buntung, District Cepu. Present on the occasion of Blora Regent Djoko Nugroho accompanied by his wife, mother of participants Muspida Blora regency, officials of military academy DANMENTAR-led military academy , Col. Edy. A total of 551 cadets from the Military Academy (Akmil) Magelang and accompanied by 220 coaches attend these closing. The event closed with a souvenir gift from both sides. From Blora regency government provide souvenirs in the form of statues and plaques Horse emblem Blora regency to DANMENTAR Akmil, and vice versa DANMENTAR Akmil give placard to the Regent, 0721 Dandim Blora and sub-district police chief Cepu. The event was followed Carnival drums Display Flute "CANKA Lokananta" from Akmil.


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