Ngloram Airport Activated

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Ngloram Airport was built in 1978, operated by the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR). In 1984, the official airport stopped operating because Pertamina officials and Oil and Gas Implementing Agency in charge exploit Cepu more train services.

In this year Blora regency government and Central Java Provincial Government continues to seek development or functioning Ngloram Airport, District Cepu, Blora, Central Java. It was agreed that the construction of the airfield was handed over to Exxon Mobil after the talks, as the companies doing exploration in Cepu through its subsidiary, Mobil Cepu Limited (MCL).
According to the Teguh Dwi Paryono as the Head Office of Energy and Mineral Resources of Central Java "Later on, airports Ngloram used only for business flights, not as a commercial airport."
In addition, Teguh also said the current funding requirements for airport development Ngloram still in analysis. True to its target states from 2012 the airport was able to operate.

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Currently, said Teguh, development Ngloram Airport administration already under preparation. In because, airport development is related to other agencies, particularly the Ministry of Transportation. And today is also still in the stage of submission of permission for the airport land assets owned by the Ministry of Finance.

Ngloram Airport currently has a runway length of 900 meters. In order to be used Foker or CN235 aircraft type with a capacity of about 16 passengers, the runway must be extended again


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