Launching Honda Spacy In Cepu

In order launching honda spacy in Cepu carried on yesterday's events in the TUK BUNTUNG field. The event at the title by PUTRA AGUNG BERKAT INDAH MOTOR this place. PUTRA AGUNG BERKAT INDAH MOTOR is one of the largest Honda dealers in Cepu. The event is a single organ, rock nut, live music and fun games, gymnastics, drawing competition and parade bands. Although a bit late to take photos there but no problem... still find a parade band.
The event which lasted from morning to evening was drawing attention Cepu community.
Honda spacy Helm In the motor scooter matic that carries the breadth of the trunk in its class, Honda spacy Helm Excellence In is the large trunk that can contain a full-face helmet, the trunk itself has a total capacity of up to 18 liters. If we compare with luggage Suzuki Hayate which has a luggage capacity to 17, 7 liters, Honda spacy indeed thinner.
For color, Honda spacy Helm In offers 5 colors namely white imperial, royal blue, red Majestic, legacy green and black emperor.
Here are photos that was took when the show had not finished :

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