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You lovers of golf? If you golf lovers... certainly a sport that requires a fairly broad field. But you do not have to worry about while living or visiting the city Cepu. Cepu available at a pretty good golf course is a golf course owned Oil and Gas Training Center Cepu. Golf Courses  with name Cepu Golf Club(CGC)  is located in the Cepu oil and gas complex is the only golf course in the town of Cepu. Is fairly well maintained golf course that is still functioning properly.
According to Wikipedia Golf originated in Scotland / the Netherlands and has been played for about 500 years in the islands of Great Britain. The world's oldest golf course is known is The Old Links at Musselburgh. , Where golf has been played since 1672. People who are commonly called golfer playing golf. Golf handicap system knows.
Here's a golf course photo gallery  Cepu oil and gas :

Cepu Golf Club

Cepu golf courses

Cepu golf courses

golf Cepu

Golf Cepu golf courses

Golf Migas Cources

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Cepu golf courses

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